Pizza Gossip Girl

I caught up with my fellow Belgian Erasmus friend Laura last Friday to have dinner and go to the movie theatre. We found a nice place in Rue Montorgueil where you can order delicious pizza slices with a wide range of toppings for only €4/piece. My toppings were shrimp and garlic. We also had red wine in Fanta glasses.

After our meal we wanted to go to the movies to watch ‘Kaboum’. Unfortunately we’d chatted too much over dinner so we were just nearly on time and our film wasn’t available in the Rex movie theatre. By the way, why do the French always have the need to dub every foreign movie? Subtitles are so much better.

In the end we decided to go to Laura’s place and watch an unreasonable amount of Gossip Girl episodes and actually I was kind of glad that we missed ‘Kaboum’.

xoxo Vincent


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