Vintage shopping with Sofie

My friend Sofie and I have a common love for vintage, so when she came to Paris we simply had to do some serious vintage shopping. Although, maybe not that serious… Vintage shopping is great for several reasons: You can find unique pieces Affordable prices Environmentally friendly Try on and have a laugh with all … Continue reading

Antidote Launch Party at Maxim’s

There’s a new magazine in Paris and it’s called Antidote. To celebrate the Denim Issue with Eniko Mihalik on the cover, Antidote threw a party in the world famous restaurant Maxim’s in Rue Royale. I went to the party with Aïcha, Paola, Yulissa and some other fabulous people. In this picture Aïcha is talking to … Continue reading

Sofie Hitting the Town by Night

The first day of my friend Sofie’s visit, she bought a killer little black dress. Since we wanted to show it to the world, we decided to hit the town that night in style. My other friend Aïcha came to my place, we had a Rospraito cocktail and then strutted our stuff through the streets … Continue reading

Getting Cultural with Sofie

(Up: photo exhibition in a gallery on Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire with French wine, cheese and grapes) Just to prove that we’re not completely superficial, Sofie and I went to Centre Pompidou. Personally I think the building is really ugly on the outside, but the exposition rooms are quite alright. Another advantage is that … Continue reading

Back and Better Than Ever

New super hot updates from the City of Lights & Love, PARIS. TONIGHT!

Halloween Party with Julie

My Belgian friend Julie and I went to a Halloween party in Paris. The party was located on a boat on the Seine, near the Eiffel tower. I was dressed as a dandy vampire and Julie as an ice queen. My make-up and putting on my cat eye color lenses took almost two hours, but … Continue reading

Going Out Pop In

Sometimes you’ve just got to hang out with the guys. And when you do, there better be some beer and rock music involved. So that’s exactly what Romain, Rogier and I did. We went to Pop In, a bar at 105 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, where they have great Hoegaarden beer. In the basement there was a concert … Continue reading

Love Le Louvre

After a month of fashion, going out and seeing friends, I really felt the urge to do something cultural. Accompanied my my camera and no one else I went to Musée du Louvre to watch my favourite sculptures: the Nike of Samothrace and Amor & Psyche. (Up: Amor & Psyche by Antonio Canova) I filmed … Continue reading

1 month in Paris: unseen pictures

I’m proud to announce that it has been one month since I left Antwerp, Belgium and came to Paris, France. In this time I’ve made some pictures that I like, but haven’t quite fit into a blog post. I think this is the perfect opportunity to share them. Up: The Eiffel Tower photographed from Palais … Continue reading

Strutting at Night

The perfect thing to do at night in Paris, is to strut and that was exactly what Aïcha, Laura, Charlotte and I did a few nights ago. We had dinner at an all-you-can-eat chinese restaurant at Gare de L’Est, bought a bottle of wine and strutted from Tour Montparnasse to the Elysée.