My dad and stepmom in Paris

The long weekend with my father and stepmother was so great. The best food, the best wines and all the best of French culture. Enjoy the pictures! Pont Alexandre III Au Lapin Agile, Montmartre Place Saint-Sulpice Advertisements

Getting Cultural with Sofie

(Up: photo exhibition in a gallery on Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire with French wine, cheese and grapes) Just to prove that we’re not completely superficial, Sofie and I went to Centre Pompidou. Personally I think the building is really ugly on the outside, but the exposition rooms are quite alright. Another advantage is that … Continue reading

Love Le Louvre

After a month of fashion, going out and seeing friends, I really felt the urge to do something cultural. Accompanied my my camera and no one else I went to Musée du Louvre to watch my favourite sculptures: the Nike of Samothrace and Amor & Psyche. (Up: Amor & Psyche by Antonio Canova) I filmed … Continue reading