Etat Libre d’Orange short film

The video that I made together with my school friends for the excentric perfume brand Etat Libre d’Orange is finally online! Watch the first shooting day here. Watch the second shooting day here. The jury and the people of Etat Libre d’Orange were very pleased by the result and so was our group. Get seduced and “Have … Continue reading

Shooting the Etat Libre d’Orange movie (day 2)

The second and last day of shooting the Etat Libre d’Orange perfume short film was exhausting but really fun. We dressed up two girls as classy prostitutes in a very Baudelaire inspired way. Our main character was Marilyn Kaye, a famous American writer of youth literature. She was so amazing to work with. We were … Continue reading

Shooting the Etat Libre d’Orange movie (day 1)

I’m making a short film together with my school mates for the excentric and fascinating perfume brand Etat Libre d’Orange and I’m the director. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to take pictures during the most important scenes, but here are some shots of my filming crew during the outdoor takes in Le Marais. (ltr: … Continue reading