Food and Drinks with Sofie

Vintage shopping and being cultural can be so tiring, so from time to time Sofie and I went to a nice place to be nourished. Nearby the fountain of Saint Michel we entered a Starbucks where I fell from the stairs, but strangely didn’t get hurt. I had the best pumpkin pie ever at Le … Continue reading

Cocktails at the Bouddha Bar

When my friend Sofie came to Paris she had the amazing idea to go to the Bouddha Bar. For people who are not familiar with the Bouddha Bar: it’s a very luxurious lounge bar/restaurant located in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Paris. There is a gigantic two floor high statue of a sitting … Continue reading

Vintage shopping with Sofie

My friend Sofie and I have a common love for vintage, so when she came to Paris we simply had to do some serious vintage shopping. Although, maybe not that serious… Vintage shopping is great for several reasons: You can find unique pieces Affordable prices Environmentally friendly Try on and have a laugh with all … Continue reading

Sofie Hitting the Town by Night

The first day of my friend Sofie’s visit, she bought a killer little black dress. Since we wanted to show it to the world, we decided to hit the town that night in style. My other friend Aïcha came to my place, we had a Rospraito cocktail and then strutted our stuff through the streets … Continue reading

Getting Cultural with Sofie

(Up: photo exhibition in a gallery on Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire with French wine, cheese and grapes) Just to prove that we’re not completely superficial, Sofie and I went to Centre Pompidou. Personally I think the building is really ugly on the outside, but the exposition rooms are quite alright. Another advantage is that … Continue reading